JF “BnB” Fightstick Case - *Coming Soon to FocusAttack.com*

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**The BnB Fightstick Case will soon be available at www.FocusAttack.com! Stay Tuned for more updates on the official launch.***


Jonyfraze "Bread n' Butter" All-Acrylic Fightstick Case
A minimal, easy-to-assemble, all-acrylic, tournament-grade custom fightstick case.

• DIY Case Only - $89

• Check out BnB Fightstick Add-Ons for Artwork Printing and Full-Build Options

General Case Info:
- 15" L x 8" W x 2.71" H
- Panels are made of .177" Clear Acrylic
- Weighs roughly 4-5 lbs fully assembled depending on parts used.
- 1.5" internal clearance for joystick mounting
- One cutout for Neutrik "A to B" USB port or Brook PS4+ Breakout Board along back panel
- Three cutouts for 24mm buttons along each side panel
- Includes all mounting hardware to assemble the case and 4 non-skid rubber feet.

*If you plan on using "Snap-In" buttons, quick-disconnect wiring should not push against the bottom panel as this may cause buttons to pop out when securing the panel. Either fold the wiring neatly or slightly angle the terminals.

Vewlix Model Info:
- Fits Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick or Hori Hayabusa (*Other models may fit using the same hole pattern that can clear 1.5".)
- Top Panel accepts eight Japanese-Style 30mm buttons

All-Button Model Info:
- Popular stick-less “hitbox” all-button layout.
- Top panel accepts eleven Japanese-Style 24mm & one 30mm buttons


YouTube: DIY Assembly Tutorial: *On Step 4, leaving the standoffs loose (wobbly) makes installing the side panels much easier. When side panels are secure, tighten the standoffs to lock them in place.

YouTube: Devastator Build: _________________________________________

Download Artwork Template (Photoshop)
(Vewlix and All-Button layouts are included in the file as separate layers)

DIYer? Here's the items you will need to purchase to build your Fightstick:
• Compatible joystick (as well as balltop / dust covers if necessary)
• Compatible buttons
• Brook Controller PCB
• Adhesive PCB mounting feet
• Neutrik or Switchcraft "A to B" USB port
• USB cables (for internal and external)
• Wiring w/ .110 Quick Disconnects
* See DIY page for a list of recommended arcade parts and vendors.

*Local Pickup Available if you are in the NYC Tristate Area.
*$20 USPS Flat Rate to Continental US.
*$70 USPS Flat Rate International
*For Shipping outside of the US please contact me before ordering.