Why are 4TW Full Builds & Graphics Sometimes Sold Out?
I typically open commission slots in monthly batches (demand is typically high so it's first come first serve to be completely fair). Send me a message on Discord: jonyfraze or use the contact form to get in touch and I can save your email to notify you when I'm ready to take on another batch. Also check out our Community Resources for Designers/Builders who can possibly help.

What Happened to the ESPADA Fightstick Case?
Due to rising costs from my previous materials and laser cutting vendor, the ESPADA had to be retired. The good news is that I now own my equipment to make everything in-house and the 4TW is the ESPADA's spiritual successor.

How Can I Buy a BnB Fightstick Case?
I have partnered with FocusAttack as the manufacturer and distrubutor of the BnB Fightstick Platform. You can purchase one here.

Why Do I Have To Pay For Shipping?
JF is a very small one-man business trying to survive in a Amazon-centric world. Our average cost for shipping labels over the last 2 years is $17.91 according our vendor PirateShip.com. Toss in the costs for Boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, Labels, Labor, and Gas driving back and forth to UPS/Post office and the makes it closer to about $22 per shipment for every DIY 4TW enclosure shipped. We charge a flat-rate of $20 for domestic shipments . Most shops simply add the cost to their products, but we would rather keep it honest. If you are local to Northern New Jersey, you also have an option to pick up using coupon code: LOCAL

Why Is There A Fee For 4TW Custom Layouts?
In order to make an enclosure with a custom layout, multiple files need to be engineered for laser cutting: Top Panel, Top Support Panel, Cut Path for Cutting Graphics / Prints, etc. I also need to create a Custom Photoshop Template so you can design graphics for it. All of this takes time which the fee covers.