4TW DIY Fightstick Enclosure

$100.00 - $170.00

Veteran fightstick designer Jonyfraze (of BnB / Espada Fightsticks) is back with a new design. 4TW (For The Dub) features a functional symmetrical shape and is crafted from heavy-duty cast acrylic with optional artwork covers. Competition grade, ultra durable, easy to assemble, and fits perfectly in backpacks. 4 the Worthy, 4 the Wise, 4 the Warriors, 4 the W!

*Please note: Only the enclosure is for sale. Joystick, Buttons, PCB, Wiring, and Graphics/Prints are not included.

• Ultra Durable ¼” (6mm) thick Black Cast Acrylic Enclosure
• ⅛” (3mm) Black Acrylic or Optional ⅛” (3mm) Clear Acrylic Artwork Covers
• Includes all assembly and mounting hardware
*All Acrylic Parts are covered with a protective paper backing. Please peel off during assembly.
• Optional Black 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam Bottom Cushions Sold Seperately.

• 16.25” x 8.75” x 2.25” (412.75mm x 222.25mm x 57.15mm)
• 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam used for optional bottom cushion.
• Appox. 5-6 lbs (3kg) Fully Assembled

Parts Compatibility:
• Accepts 24mm & 30mm Snap-in & Screw-in Buttons (Side panels require six 24mm. Snap-in Buttons recommended)
• Accepts 24mm Neutrik USB A to B port
• Accepts Japanese levers with flat mounting plates, and Korean Levers with Short Collars.
• Includes mounting holes for Brook and similar spec PCBs.

*** SEIMITSU's latest ALUTIMO Mechanical Buttons are not compatible with 4TW enclosures. ***

Option Selects:
• If you would prefer a 35.1mm hole on the top cover for Full Collar Korean Levers, please indicate in the order comments during check out.
• If you would prefer a "Southpaw" (reversed) layout, please indicate in the order comments during check out.
• If you would prefer a "Window-Cut" bottom support panel to show off your wire work (for orders with clear acrylic bottom artwork cover only), please indicate in the order comments during check out.

Click here for the 4TW Assembly Guide

Each 4TW DIY Enclosure is made to order. Average Turn Around is Currently 3-5 Business Days to ship.

Download JF's 4TW Artwork Template. *All default layouts, side panels, and bottom panels are embedded as layers in this one photoshop file.

Printing via FocusAttack.com? Download their 4TW Artwork Templates

Need Artwork? Check out the Free 4TW Artwork Packs made by our Discord Community

Shipping via USPS or UPS:
+$20 US
+$45 CAN
+$65 UK
*Please request a quote for all other international shipping options
*Local pickup is available from Maywood, NJ. Use promo code: LOCAL to waive shipping.

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